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SouthMountain is an industry leading producer of specialty chemicals with headquarters and research facilities based out of Vancouver, B.C. Canada.


A green company ever since production began in 1996, SouthMountain’s natural resources continuously provide renewable, and stable in price, raw materials.


SouthMountain operates ISO 9001 certified plants, which adhere to stringent quality management systems in the production of its high-quality products. All costs are kept efficiently low with savings then passed on to customers.


A unique software system manages all planning, refining, production, quality assurance and supply chain operations in state of the art manufacturing facilities.


Products are exclusively distributed, supported and serviced by SouthMountain directly in order to ensure the best possible value, quality, and experience for customers.


World-class technical sales and service professionals are fully trained to support the product lines across markets in Asia, Europe and North-America.


Responsible Care is the guiding philosophy that helps keep the company focused on the safety and well being of everyone interacting with its products.


Out of the Earth, over to the manufacturing plant, into the customer’s process and back to the environment; SouthMountain is ever-conscious about the environmental impacts of its products and is proud to offer many chemicals that are biodegradable.


          Our Knowledge is YOUR Solution

SouthMountain understands that every mill is a unique operation requiring a chemical supplier to be equally as innovative, flexible and experienced. For this reason SouthMountain works to gain a clear understanding of your objectives and goals at the beginning of a project so that, together, we can achieve the best possible solution for your needs. We offer products that are specifically engineered to meet the exceptional demands of your process. Consistency, performance and high-quality play an integral role in the design and manufacturing that goes into all products.



Optiqol™ is a family of stilbene-based OBA products that help to achieve high brightness levels in paper.


It is cost effective brightness-gain technology that is easily applied on TMP furnish paper from 60 ISO to 90 ISO. It is also equally as effective on Kraft, mixed-Kraft and TMP papers.


The Optiqol™ product line is produced to exacting ISO quality and performance standards that meet or exceed major global OBA producers.


Better overall cost effeciency, ease of application along with stability at the wet-end, size press and in various coating mixes are some of the advantages gained with Optiqol™.



INFINI-TS™ is a patented anionic optical brightener agent (OBA) that was tailored from the concepts in detergent technologies and then applied to the pulp and paper industry.


It can significantly improve brightness in both neutral and slightly basic environments with no brightness reversion.


Comparing to traditional stilbene-based OBA's, it offers exceptional adhesion to fibres and fluorescence gains at a much lower cost.


With the price of traditional OBA's on the rise, INFINI-TS is an essential alternative to both wetend and coating applications.


NewsBright-M™ is a brightness aid that works to maintain pulp furnish brightness through the paper machine by chelating detrimental metals in process waters and also helps to stabilize pH and calcium carbonate (PCC/GCC).


Metal contaminants in a mill’s Cloudy White Water loops catalyze the breakdown of peroxide or sodium hydrosulfite bleached furnish brightness.


To prevent this brightness loss, NewsBright-M chemically binds to contaminants in all pH conditions, effectively locking-in brightness from the bleach plant, to the paper machine.



illuminEX™ latex product is based on butadiene, styrene and unsaturated carboxylic acid monomers and is synthesized using high-temperature emulsion polymerization.


Compatible with clay and other coating materials, it can greatly increase the smoothness, gloss, whiteness and printability of paper products.


illuminEX™ has high stability on machines with no adhesion to rollers.



Spectrolsperse™ is a non-corrosive and non-hazardous dispersant for coating applications.


Its anionic polymers allow strong and easy attachments to surfaces of microparticles, resulting in effective static repulsion and dispersion.


This product can largely reduce the viscosity of slurry while yielding minimal foaming.


The proprietary T-Bright™ formula generates a strong in-situ oxidant (peracetic acid, or Pa) when combined with hydrogen peroxide after the bleach tower. The result is an Inline 2nd Stage H₂O₂ bleached TMP line operating at medium consistency, time, temperature and pH levels.


This Inline 2nd Stage (mCTTpH-H₂O₂-Pa) works within existing TMP mill equipment and does not require any extra capital or equipment. A variety of bleach plants are currently benefitting from T-Bright™ to further enhance their pulp brightness.



Since the beginning of operations in 1996 SouthMountain has been focused on strict quality control in the production processes used to manufacture its green products.


From raw materials through to refining, manufacturing and shipping, all products are tested in accordance with stringent quality control guidelines to ensure specifications.


An inventory of samples is maintained from each production batch for verification that every shipment meets the prescribed quality standards. Upon request certificates of analysis are also available.


This approach is just one part of SouthMountain’s ISO 9001 quality management system that sets quality standards throughout the company.


SouthMountain’s primary objective is the continuous improvement of processes in all areas of the business in order to ensure the highest quality of products and services for its most valuable asset—you the customer.


SouthMountain offers various types of packaging tailored for your needs.

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Bulk Transport - 20 Tonnes

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